Wedding Videography FAQ

What is required of me to book a wedding?

First off - get in touch if you haven’t yet! I won’t bite (that wedding add-on is extra). Once we’ve confirmed my availability and you’ve picked your wedding package, I take a 50% deposit of the total cost. The remaining 50% is due two weeks before the wedding.

What if you die in a freak accident involving a rare bird?

Well that is oddly specific of you. Firstly, I have very little contact with exotic animals (however, I did see a hyacinth macaw at the Vancouver Aquarium recently and it did appear to have a vendetta out for humans…). Secondly, I realize while it is very unlikely, it is not entirely impossible that something could render me “unfit” to film your wedding. It would take a lot for me to not show up, but I do have friends in the industry who I would reach out to (posthumously if necessary… spoooooky…) to replace me on your wedding day.

What methods of payment do you accept?

Preferred methods are e-transfer, cash or cheque; however, I can accept all major credit cards through Square Mobile with an added 3.75% fee.

Will you travel to Italy and film my fancy European wedding?

Must you even ask?! I will travel anywhere. Now send me a proper email and let’s get a move on creating your custom travel wedding package!


Jewellery Appraisal FAQ

Why should I appraise my jewellery?

In order to replace lost, damaged or stolen jewellery, insurance companies require printed and signed valuations by certified gemmologists like myself. You should have one appraisal report done up for each piece you need insured and submit it directly to your insurance company (and make a copy for yourself too).

I’m not comfortable leaving my jewellery with anyone.

That’s more than okay. I understand some pieces are very precious and that’s why I appraise your jewellery in front of you, in my office. It’s extremely important that you trust the person appraising your jewellery, so you will be there to witness the entire process.

Is my diamond real?

If you have a piece and you are wondering “Is it real?” bring it by and I can give you my expert opinion at no additional charge. This includes pearls, estate jewellery, or that Rolex watch of mysterious origin.

How much does a jewellery appraisal cost?

I charge $30 per piece for appraisals. Some items are subject to a little more research and time and could cost more, but if you schedule an appointment at the regular rate, I will be sure to let you know ahead of time of any additional fees for a particular piece.

What should I bring?

Bring all the jewellery you’d like assessed and appraised (there’s no charge for me to look at a piece and tell you it’s not worth appraising) and be sure to bring any previous appraisals or certificates that accompany these pieces to speed up the process. Also, please clean your jewellery ahead of time if possible.